Where to Buy Hedgehogs – The Many Options To Finding The Perfect Pet For You

Pet hedgehogs aren’t available at the corner shop or any discount general goods store. So you might wonder where to buy hedgehogs. There are actually many places where quality “hedgies” can be found.

Start at a local pet shop. Many finer establishments are likely to carry pet hedgehogs. But you’ll want to make sure that they are healthy animals. A hedgehog that will make a good pet will not curl into a ball when you touch it. It will trust you and allow you to handle it. The animal should also be alert and inquisitive. It should also appear to feel well. An animal that seems lethargic is probably not very healthy and it certainly will not act as if it does.

Look at the coat of the animal you’re considering. While it might not be lush, it should not show any thin spots. The skin beneath the quills should not appear to be dry or flaky. Look at its eyes. They should bright and clear. Listen to the animal breathe. While it may make soft huffing sounds, it should not sound wheezy, and there should be no discharge from its nose.

If you aren’t comfortable with the animals found at the local pet shop, you’ll wonder where to buy hedgehogs that are healthy and active. Your best option will be to look for a professional breeder. You can find them online at all areas of the country. But there is no need to travel far distances when you’re trying to decide where to buy hedgehogs.

If you know other owners of pet hedgehogs, you’re sure to find someone who is willing to give you a referral to a reliable local breeder. But as with pet stores, breeders can have animals that are not quite up to par. So check for all the same things: alertness, trust, health, and activity levels. You’ll also want to look for an animal that seems comfortable with you.

Rescue organizations may not normally work with hedgehogs, but you might get lucky. Instead of wondering where to buy hedgehogs, these organizations will wonder where to find a good home for them. Let local rescue groups know you’re looking and you may be the first person they call when they find a hedgehog in need of a home.

Animal shelters are another option. Like any other animal, hedgehogs can be abandoned or lost. You might find a sweet hedgehog just waiting for you at the local animal shelter.

Online sites also offer hedgehogs for sale. But you’ll have no opportunity to give animals from these sites a good look before buying. You’re better off calling a local veterinarian and asking him or her for a referral to a good source for purchasing a hedgehog.

Whenever you wonder where to buy hedgehogs, don’t despair. There are plenty of options. Just take your time and you’re sure to find the perfect pet for you.