On Personalised Cards by Pet Post

Most of us will at some time or another have been to the seaside and will have spent some time standing outside a gift shop perusing and (if indeed it is in keeping with your sense of humour) giggling at the punch lines on the postcards that adorn the wobbly rack under the old parasol.

For many of us it isn’t just the saucy ones that appeal. Wonderfully conceived photos of the cutest pets in even cuter poses accompanied by cuddly one-liners can touch even the hardest heart and remind us of the love we have for our pets.

Some of the memorable sayings attributed to the dogs and cats (as they are, mostly) are so very cute that it would be tempting just to run them off as a list for the amusement of the reader, but this would be lazy journalism and, in any case, without the accompanying photos they do lose rather a lot in translation.

One of my favourites though features a pug lying down in a bed jacket with a thermometer protruding from its mouth, saying “Pugs and Kisses, Get Well Soon”.

Another has a whippet in a paddling pool attired in a deep-sea diving outfit accompanied by the words “It’s Hard to be Deep in Such a Shallow World!”.

Not surprisingly these cards are now widely available through online pet shops and from traders specialising in all things to do with pets. Alongside the dog clothes and all the typical features of the pet boutique there comes a range of cards featuring lovable cuddlies and pithy slogans. The cards can in some cases be personalised and sent on to the desired recipient for a very modest fee.

These are just some of the toys, treats and gifts available to pet lovers from the growing online pet industry. Cards for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, sympathy, even pet sympathy – are on sale alongside the dog coats and collars and make wonderful and thoughtful gifts when sent to fellow animal lovers.