The Cost Of Keeping A Pet Healthy And Happy

Having a pet is a huge responsibility and it is something that not all people are prepared for. However, those who are willing to assume responsibility and get a pet, be it a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, goldfish, or anything else, are going to discover that it is also a lot of fun. This is not all fun and no work though, as caring for a pet and ensuring it has everything it needs to stay happy and healthy is a lot of work. The first thing new pet owners need to do is find the closest veterinarian, and take their pet for a checkup. Next, they either have to find a nearby pet shop, preferably one that sells everything from dog accessories and cat accessories to fish tanks, or a good online one.

Dogs and cats are the most common pets, so most pet stores keep their stocks filled with different accessories and food for dogs and cats, but do not have anything for more exotic pets such as lizards or tarantulas. So owners of exotic pets either have to look for other pet shops in their city which sell accessories and food for their pet, or they resort to shopping online.

Ordering online has several advantages, and most pet owners are not aware of them because they have become used to purchasing from a local pet store and do not want to look for alternatives. As mentioned above, some pet owners have no other choice but to order online, but this is something that all pet owners should consider, not just those looking for a special home for their small tarantula.

First of all, prices are usually better online. Most online stores do not have a physical store as well, so they save money on rent and utilities, savings which in turn lead to lower prices for products. A couple of pounds saved on a collar or on some food may not seem like much, but this adds up, especially for food, which is bought on a regular basis. Not only that, but transport is also not a problem, as shipping is usually offered for free when purchasing food or accessories over a certain amount.

Diversity is another of the pluses of online stores. Regular pet shops only have a few brands of pet food, and a limited number of accessories. They can only store so much merchandise and ordering accessories that may not sell is something that most stores try to avoid. Online stores on the other hand can offer a very large variety of goods, be it food or accessories. Even if some of the desired merchandise is not in stock, customers can still order it, and once the store receives it from its suppliers, it will ship it immediately.

New pet owners will probably be amazed at exactly how many accessories their pet needs. Naturally, a goldfish will not require as many accessories and food as something like a 90 pound dog. Some pets are just cheaper to have than others. A hamster for example will not need too much food every month, but it will need a pretty nice home to live in, as well as toys, and something to drink water out of. On the other hand, a big dog will require several types of food, a dog house, if kept outside, a basket to sleep in, bones or other treats to chew, a collar, a muzzle, toys, plus other things as well.

All these dog accessories can get pretty expensive, and cat accessories are not any cheaper. Some people make the mistake of getting a pet they cannot really afford, and only realise this when it is too late. It is best to do some research in advance to determine what type of accessories a pet needs, and what budget needs to be set aside monthly for this. Even if ordering online from the cheapest pet shop available, the cost of food and accessories still adds up. Add to this the regular vet bills, and owners are looking at quite a high monthly cost, for most pets, so the best idea is to do a little research and make sure they are not getting themselves into something they cannot handle.

Allowing A New Pet To Get Used To Its Owner

Going to a pet store to purchase a pet is something that should only be done with a great deal of research in advance.

Anyone looking to purchase a new pet should first ask himself or herself if it is really the right thing to do. A pet should not simply be purchased based on the way it looks. Yes, there are numerous great looking dogs, cats, hamsters or rabbits in a pet store, but purchasing one without knowing anything about it is a mistake.

Prospective owners need to know how large a pet grows after it reaches maturity, what accessories it needs, how much food costs, and more. Even a small hamster requires much more than a hamster cage, and even reptiles need more than vivariums in which to live.

After purchasing a pet, finding accessories and purchasing them from a regular pet shop or from an online pet shop is not a problem.

Arriving home with their pet is usually the moment when new pet owners realise if they have made a mistake or not. It is the first couple of days that are the most important time, as these are the days when a connection between pet and owner is formed.

The pet, regardless of its type, starts to understand that there is nothing to fear from the owner, and that he or she is also feeding and caring for it, while the owner starts to understand exactly what his or her new pet is like and what it likes doing.

This accommodation period, as it is called, can last much more than a couple of days though. Suspicious pets such as hamsters and rabbits will require much more time with their new owner to get to know him or her. This can take as long as six months, and this is a period in which there will be little to no contact between pet and owner, except for the regular feeding.

Dogs and cats have a much smaller accommodation period, and it is not unusual for cats to start bonding with their new owner after only a day. Dogs can do the same, but there will be a difficult period with puppies crying after their mother at night. New pet owners will sometimes feel scared, especially if they spot something wrong with their pet. Panic is the first reaction, but that should be avoided, as it does not help the owner or the pet.

A trip to the local vet is mandatory after getting the pet, and whenever a problem is spotted or suspected. Only the vet can tell for sure if the pet is actually ill, or simply sad and depressed. Pet owners who do not spend a lot of time with their new pet may discover exactly how much this hurts it, as depression sets in and causes the pet to become lethargic.

Pet owners may think that buying a lot of toys for their new pet is enough to keep it occupied and that it will not notice the large amount of time it spends alone. This is not true, and all pets will notice it, but each will react differently. Cats may be pleased to be left alone for long periods of time, as they will simply sleep or watch out the window, but dogs on the other hand will severely dislike being left all alone for longer periods of time, and will either start barking or will start breaking and chewing things in the house.

Toys purchased from an online pet shop may keep a pet happy for a short period of time, but what keeps it happy for long periods of time is constant interaction with its owner. A pet needs to play with its owner regularly, and feel cared for and loved. Even a small hamster, locked in its hamster cage will be happy to see its owner, not only because it knows it is feeding time, but also because he is hoping for a pat or to be left outside to wander a little. Reptiles in vivariums will likewise be happy to see their owner, but this is generally strictly because they know it is feeding time, and not because they are keen on too much interaction.

4 Crucial Reasons to Choose Online Pet Shops for Shopping

If you are having a pet, it is important to offer them the best foods, treats and chews. Love, affection and care are what the pets expect from the humans. To show your love towards your pet dog or cat, avail online shopping of accessories, food to seek other services. There are several stores offering a wider range of choices to buy the products that the pets require. Instead of searching in the physical stores one can easily take the help of the online platforms that offers a lot of options to understand the need for dogs and cats and even the items are available in low cost.


There are different factors that make online shopping the best option to buy necessary items for your pet. Let’s take a look at the reasons that makes buying online a feasible option for the owners:

1. Pricing:

This is the most important feature that makes the owner save a considerable amount of money on pet food and accessories. While buying pet foods and accessories online, individual is sure of getting dealer discounts that reduces the price. Surfing the internet in the right way will help pet owner to find several online stores that offer discounted rates on each of the products they offer. One can enjoy the benefits of buying items in bulk from the online stores while enjoying a greater amount of discounts.

2. Free Shipping:

Buying products from physical market implies that people have to carry baggage to the stores. But while a person plans to buy the products online they can avail free shipping. This also reduces the extra burden of tension in carrying the huge package safely to the desired destination. You can order the items sitting in comfort of your house.

3. Fresh Products are Available:

Buying the best natural treats and chew from physical stores indicates that these products were present on the shelves for a couple of week or days. But while you plan to order online this means that the treats are fresh. The options offered online come with a specific details section helps in understanding the features of the products before buying it.

4. Availability:

Online stores showcase the items that are available in the market. If you are running out of dog food you can immediately place your order in the online store for immediate shipment that will of course reach you within the perfect time. Often options are available to make urgent deliveries with a minimum extra charge on shipping.

Therefore, online platforms are the most possible options to choose the correct item that you want to buy and also give foods of great nutritional value to the dogs.

On Personalised Cards by Pet Post

Most of us will at some time or another have been to the seaside and will have spent some time standing outside a gift shop perusing and (if indeed it is in keeping with your sense of humour) giggling at the punch lines on the postcards that adorn the wobbly rack under the old parasol.

For many of us it isn’t just the saucy ones that appeal. Wonderfully conceived photos of the cutest pets in even cuter poses accompanied by cuddly one-liners can touch even the hardest heart and remind us of the love we have for our pets.

Some of the memorable sayings attributed to the dogs and cats (as they are, mostly) are so very cute that it would be tempting just to run them off as a list for the amusement of the reader, but this would be lazy journalism and, in any case, without the accompanying photos they do lose rather a lot in translation.

One of my favourites though features a pug lying down in a bed jacket with a thermometer protruding from its mouth, saying “Pugs and Kisses, Get Well Soon”.

Another has a whippet in a paddling pool attired in a deep-sea diving outfit accompanied by the words “It’s Hard to be Deep in Such a Shallow World!”.

Not surprisingly these cards are now widely available through online pet shops and from traders specialising in all things to do with pets. Alongside the dog clothes and all the typical features of the pet boutique there comes a range of cards featuring lovable cuddlies and pithy slogans. The cards can in some cases be personalised and sent on to the desired recipient for a very modest fee.

These are just some of the toys, treats and gifts available to pet lovers from the growing online pet industry. Cards for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, sympathy, even pet sympathy – are on sale alongside the dog coats and collars and make wonderful and thoughtful gifts when sent to fellow animal lovers.