Pets Have Fleas So How Do You Treat Them?

Pets do get fleas and not just the mucky ones; I have to tell people this quite often who come into my pet shop. Many people claim their pets don’t need flea products because their animals have never been infected. Just the other day I noticed my dog was scratching a bit more than usual and when I checked her coat I discovered that “yes” she had them.

Adult fleas treats your pet as a food source, they jump on to feed but don’t stay there, the rest of its life is spent in the local environment, i.e. your carpets, rugs and furniture, here it will lay it’s eggs, ‘thousands of them’. These eggs then hatch into larvae and find their way into any dark, warm spaces. From here they turn into pupae, which then hatch into an adult flea. This can take a matter of just days, or the pupae can remain dormant for many months, allowing the fleas to survive the winter outside. This is why, when your pets have fleas, it is so important to treat the house as well. In fact only 5% of the total flea population is the adult flea, the other 95% are the eggs, larvae and pupae of the next generation.

Fleas survive by sucking blood from your pet. In fact, they much prefer pets to people, so even if you are not being bitten, does not mean you don’t have a problem! If you are getting bites, it is likely you have a large infestation and the fleas are feeding on you in desperation. This is why it is so important to regularly check and treat your pets for fleas. You don’t often see live fleas on a pet (and if you do, again the infestation is likely to be heavy) but you can spot flea dirt. This looks like flecks of black soil but will readily turn red when combed from the fur and dampened on a piece of paper. Other signs include excessive scratching (in dogs) or grooming (in cats), small scabs appearing on the back or tail base and sore skin. Fleas are by far the most common cause of skin irritations in animals and should always be treated for in any dermatological problems, whether they have been seen or not.

There are various ways of protecting your pet against fleas and the most convenient and effective are spot on products. The best don’t go into the animal’s blood stream but stay in the skin, where they will kill fleas before they can feed. These types of product are particularly useful for animals that are allergic. With some pets even a single bite can start a bad reaction resulting in further treatment being needed. Some spot-on products will also help treat the local environment and prevent any of the larvae from developing in areas where the pet resides. These types of product are available from either your vet, on-line pharmacies or pet shops. With treating smaller animals or young ones, flea sprays or powder are best, as they allow very accurate dosing and are very safe. You may also find it beneficial to bathe the animal using a flea shampoo. Tablets are also available for pets who will take them, and who are not allergic to flea bites, with these the insect needs to bite its host before it is killed.

Remember, treating your pets is not the whole solution, you need to treat the large amount of eggs, larvae and pupae in the local environment? So you can see why it is equally important to treat your home. Use a good quality household flea spray from your local pet shop or vet. When treating the home put your heating on as this will help encourage the fleas to hatch, and so killing them with the chemical spray you are using. Do not vacuum after treating an area; leave it for at least a week, as the fleas will continue to hatch. You may have to use several treatments to rid the area of them completely. To monitor the area you can put down flea traps, these consist of a light over a plastic dish with a sticky pad in, the fleas are attracted to the light mistaking its warmth for body heat and as the fleas are trapped on the sticky pad you can easily see if the infestation is under control.

If your pet is regularly protected with spot on or other products against fleas, then a large home infestation is less likely. In order to breed a female flea must feed on a victim, a blood meal is what she needs and if she bites a protected pet she will die before she can do so.

Fleas are undoubtedly the most common pest in domestic pets and can cause problems from mild skin irritations through to very nasty skin infections. Protecting the animal with the aforementioned flea products of course easily prevents them and so ensuring they will not breed in your home.

On a final note if you are really struggling to get rid of these unwanted visitors to your home, consider calling in a professional pest controller. They will have access to a large variety of different treatments some of which are not readily available otherwise. You will of course still need to visit your local pet shop for the treatment for your pet.

Fish Tank Pets – How to Spot an Unhealthy Fish Which You Should Not Buy

Our lives are generally positive: this is a fortunate, a good thing. But there’s problems and negatives that really must be dealt with too. The truth of the matter is that to be able to lead more positive lives, we had best learn how to avoid problems before they become serious ones. In those negative times, we need advice on what to refrain from, what not to do, as well as what to avoid…

This informative article then, is to assist you with buying healthy fish for your tropical, marine, or goldfish aquarium. However, it does not show you how or what to do. As an alternative it offers advice on 5 things you must avoid if you really want to avoid losing newly bought fish, and only buy and keep healthy fish in your tropical, marine, or goldfish aquarium.

Here then, will be the five items you should avoid:

1. Buying a fish which has a fungal infection and this may appear as erosion around the mouth. The reason you shouldn’t do that is that fungally infected fish may not live long and may infect your existing fish stock. Alternatively, it will probably work out far better any time you see such a fish to ask the pet shop assistant to remove that fish from sale.

2. Any fish offered to you which has bulging, opaque eyes or has gills that look flared. It is clear that some goldfish have been bred to have protruding eyes, and these are good to buy, except that don’t even buy one of these that has opaqueness in the eyes. And so, instead, you could get better results by simply avoiding that fish tank pet seller.

3. Any fish which has spots, ulcers or hemorrhaging, or wool-like tufts on the body. Clearly this really is to say that here we are talking of spots other than those which are a natural feature of the breed of fish. And what you need to do instead is only select fish which are free from spots, and if the pet shop salesperson tries to sell you a fish in this condition, politely decline the offer.

4. Steer clear of buying any fish which has mucous or slime around the body, or worms or mucous around the gills.. The key reason this is a blunder is that this is a clear indication that a particular fish is ill, and maybe was injured in transit to the pet shop or fish stockist. As an alternative you really ought to think of buying from a shop elsewhere.

5. Also look for and avoid buying any fish with a belly which is bloated, unless it is clear that the specimen in question will soon give birth, even if the species is hard to find. It will always be a temptation to do this but buying less than perfect stock in sympathy for the fish will not help to convince the seller that they must look after their fish carefully. Instead, it is best to keep in mind that if all fish lovers only buy from the sellers of healthy stock the standard of care at fish tank pet sales shops will improve

Make certain to steer clear of the 5 errors discussed above, take the alternative suggestions offered if you want, but regardless stay away from the errors, and your chances for ultimate success can be very much enhanced.

Shopping For Pet Products

Pet lovers and owners alike would want the best things for their furry ones. Whether it is a cat or dog, they would want to provide the most comfortable shelter, the appropriate food, nice accessories and so much more. This is the reason why more and more pet products are created.

Aside from that, pet shop owners have continuously found ways to make their customers satisfied. Whether it is cat toys or dog toys, they have it all. Let’s start off with pet products. Any pet owner would want to train their dogs and cats. This is to ensure that their pets know their limitations and to observe loyalty. Training your pet may not be as easy. It greatly depends on the pet you have.

Some dogs are smarter than others while some dogs are hard to train. But there are already various pet products available in the market that provides astounding solutions and high-tech gadgets that will help you in training your beloved pet. Training collars come in different sizes and specifications.

Some training collars act to make your dog behave properly from a distance. When it comes to house entry, you can provide your pet with a dog or cat door so he can easily enter the house. In this way, you would not have to go over the painstaking task of opening and closing the door for your pet. Your kitties might love a cat door because it is their safe passage to freedom outside and inside the house. And if you have little kids or babies inside the house, you can buy a pet gate so you can make sure that your pet would not harm your little ones.

These are just some of the pet products and items that are usually bought in pet shops. When you are going to shop for pet accessories and stuff, you should make sure that the pet shop you choose has equipments and solutions for your pet needs. Some might recommend you with the best collars for training your pet.

If you are a first time dog owner, you can read books and manuals that are available in pet shops so you can have a background on what to do. Controlling your pet’s behavior should be on top of your priority so that your pet can know his limitations. If you have a cat, there are lots of cat toys but before purchasing one you should know that it is safe and it has no small parts that might be removed easily. This might pose risks to your kitty.

Pros and Cons of Online Pet Shopping

The internet has created tremendous opportunities for pet shelters and adoption agencies. While most of them are legitimate and responsible organizations, it is highly recommended to research the organization thoroughly before you consider adopting a new pet from one of them.

As the internet provides a certain amount of anonymity, it is relatively easy for unsavory breeders or suppliers to create the appearance of legitimacy. A number of stories have been printed recently in the press regarding the deceptive techniques used by animal breeders operating outside the realm of good conscience. Ensure that you are not supporting the unethical treatment of animals by supporting these unscrupulous businesses.

If you are serious about pet adoption, be sure to explore legitimate adoption agencies first. While there are countless pet stores both online and offline, it is not advisable to purchase a new pet from any of them. It is no secret that the animals being sold in many stores have been ill-treated and not properly cared for. Based on the reports we have researched, a high percentage of the animals in pet stores tend to be extremely unhealthy.

The best possible place to start in your search for a new pet is your local pet adoption agency. Alternatively, you can do your preliminary research online. The internet is a wonderful tool for doing research and investigation. By all means, if you are unsure about the type of animal you might like to adopt, do some research online. However, be sure to investigate various sources. Do not decide to adopt a certain breed, for instance, based on the information from a single website.

There is one website in particular, that is a leader in the online pet adoption industry. They operate based on high ethical standards and an honest love of animals. It is called, and it is a wonderful organization. They have created a network of non-profit animal rescue and adoption agencies, and their site has an abundance of useful and meaningful information. They also have a searchable database of pet adoption agencies, to help you locate a new pet in your community.

Pet adoption is the only reasonable means of acquiring a new pet. Many of the animals at shelters are beautiful, healthy animals that are simply in need of a loving home. In order for these animals to be eligible for adoption, they must receive a health inspection by a Veterinarian and they must have all of their vaccinations up to date. Adopting your new pet from a legitimate adoption agency will save the life of a beautiful animal, and bring years of joy to you and your family.